The NLI will create an experimental, floating work that will change form and location over the 3 month exhibition.



For the 23rd Biennale of Sydney, entitled Rivus, the New Landscapes Institute will collaborate with artist Ben Blakebrough on an experimental, site-specific project exploring floating architecture, archives and the unbuilt, human-non-human communication, marine science and strange oceanic phenomena.

The site-specifc work will focus on waterways bringing together artists, architects, researchers and designers. A public program will include a variety of workshops and presentations, both on and off water.

Using the almost lost archives of radical architecture collective Ant Farm as its starting point, New Landscapes Institute will look to the collective’s un-realised plans for the Dolphin Embassy in Australia, to explore new strategies for recreating a contemporary, site specific  “testing station” for creative collaboration.

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For more information on the ideas behind the project see curatorial report into The Un-built .