The New Landscapes Institute has been collaborating with artists and architects on a long-term project exploring the Travelling Stock Routes. Creative works have been presented at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Cementa, ACMI and BAMM (Moree).

Participants include Zanny Begg, Megan Cope, Bill Buckley, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, Hayden Fowler, Genevieve Murray / Future Method Studio, Tom Lee, James Farley, Alex Ryan, Joni Taylor, Grandeza and The Wired Lab.


“The Long Paddock”  is the colloquial name given to the vast network of Travelling Stock Routes that cross throughout Australia. These shared, regional tracks cover more than 3.2 million hectres nationally and have traditionally been reserved for droving cattle and sheep. They appear in Australian bush poetry and literature and are the Australian version of the “Commons”. Many are based on indigenous pathways and as they have never been farmed, provide refuge for endangered ecosystems and act as wildlife corridors. Their status as public land is currently under negotiation, making this a timely and important project.


During 2014/15, and assisted by an Australia Council grant the creative development phase of the “The Long Paddock” took place in which artists, architects and designers were invited to conducted site-specific “art/archlabs” along these TSR’s. These included workshops with partners such as Indigenous communities (Gudamundhuray), Environmental groups (National Parks NSW, Eastern Ranges) and Cultural Institutions (National Museum & Library, Bundanon Trust). Consequently a selection of “prototypes” were created in a number of experimental disciplines including field recordings, ephemeral sculpture, temporary architecture, technologies, land art, film installations and participatory spatial practices and documented through film and images and on our website.


The NLI was awarded a one month Residency by the Bundanon Trust to conduct intensive fieldwork at the estate of painter Arthur Boyd. Guest presenters included John Blay (The Bundian Way) and Sonny Simms (Wandi Wandian elder and storyteller).


In 2017 The New Landscapes Institute commissioned nine new works which explore the past, present and future of our TSRs. While the exhibition takes place inside the gallery, the exterior landscape permeates the space with audio, visuals and architectural interventions.

Alongside the artworks, the New Landscapes Institute has also commissioned the architecture collective, Grandeza, to design a contemporary adaptation of the traditional drover’s plant. This new “Plant” is a mobile object that houses an expanding collection of audio stories, international case studies and research. Elements move outside the gallery to facilitate a nomadic public program and speculative on-site scenarios.


Alongside The Long Paddock exhibition , a diverse public program will open up further discussion and views into the current and future state of our TSRs.


“The Long Paddock” exhibition opened to the public on May 6, 2017 at Wagga Wagga art Gallery. In 2018 it opened at BAMM, Moree.

ARTISTS: Zanny Begg, Megan Cope & Bill Buckley, Hayden Fowler, Future Method Studio, Grandeza, Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski and The Wired Lab.

CURATOR: Joni Taylor

DESIGNER: Heath Killen

RESEARCHER: Alexia Giacomazzi