This long term creative research project will finally open to the public at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on May 6, 2017! You are warmly invited.

Zanny Begg, The Bullwhip Effect, 2017 (video still)

Zanny Begg, The Bullwhip Effect, 2017 (video still)


The Long Paddock



Curator: Joni Taylor

Artists: Zanny Begg, Megan Cope & Bill Buckley, Hayden Fowler, Future Method Studio, Grandeza, Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski and The Wired Lab.

Design: Heath Killen, Issac Harrison

Research Assistant: Alexia Giacomazzi



“The Long Paddock” is the colloquial name given to the Travelling Stock Routes of Australia. This nation-wide network of routes and reserves was historically used for droving cattle and sheep across long distances, and they remain today as public  or “Crown” lands. Inspired by these trails and their significance as a cultural landscape, The New Landscapes Institute embarked on a creative research project with artists and architects to respond to the TSRs. Through our work we have discovered their multilayered significance.


The Long Paddock exhibition presents nine new works which explore the past, present and future of our TSRs. While the exhibition takes place inside the gallery, the exterior landscape permeates the space with audio, visuals and architectural interventions. Alongside the artworks, the architecture collective, Grandeza, have designed a modern take on the traditional Drover’s Plant. Their Plant acts as a mobile archive of conducted research and includes audio recordings, international case studies and maps. Elements can be taken outside the gallery to facilitate a public program of discussions, talks and workshops.


While the TSRs are a uniquely Australian phenomenon, they are located within a worldwide context of disappearing cultural routes and nomadic pastoral practices. Just as in the urban centres of our cities, access to common, shared landscapes are also being extinguished in regional areas, making this a timely and important project.




Exhibition Entrance, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, 2017



‘The Plant’ by Grandeza, 2017 . Adapted Cattle crush, cow skin table and ‘merino’ foldable chairs. iPods, porcelain plates



Grandeza, ‘Stock Route Stories’ Listening Station , The Plant, 2017

‘Mapping Movement’ – International case studies of nomadic pastoralism designed on porcelain plates, Grandeza, 2017


Hayden Fowler, Australia, 2017 . Plaster, polymer, yellow ochre & sound.


Megan Cope & Bill Buckley Untitled (Incognito) 2017.  Installation, found and sourced construction materials and video projection


Future Method Studio, Future Acts, 2017


Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski,  Not So “Happy Trails” 2017.  Two channel video and sound installation


Zanny Begg, The Bullwhip Effect 2017 Single channel video, horse skull and whips Installation view


Public Program, ‘Future Acts’ roundtable along the Murrimbidgee, Wagga Wagga , 2017.



All images  by Jacob Raupach



Exhibition Launch

Friday May 5

Time: 6pm-8pm

Opening Drinks and premier of River Run by Starrs and Cmielewski.


The “Plant”

Saturday May 6

Time: 10am-2pm

The “Plant” is a modern take on the traditional Drover’s Plant and has been designed to be used inside and outside the gallery. You are invited to get cosy in the cattle crush, grab a pair of headphones and listen to the many stories we have collected about the stock routes today. Or pull up a cow-hide chair and read about other stock routes and nomadic pastoralism practices around the world.


Artists Talks

Saturday May 6

Time: 11am-1pm

Join the artists and curator as they give a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and research that went into The Long Paddock.


 Future Acts – Off-Site Event

Sunday May 7

Time: 10am -12am

Venue: Local TSR (site tbc: check event page )

Join Future Method, Wiradjuri elders Lyn Syme & Kevin Williams, Academic Peter Spooner and Lawyer Maeve Parker for a conversation about the spatial politics, origins and futures of the Travelling Stock Reserves.

Catalogue Launch

Saturday June 17


Venue: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Launch of The Long Paddock Catalogue

With special whipcracking performance by Emiliqua East.


Mini Symposium

Art & Agriculture

Saturday July 15


Venue: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Join a diverse mix of farmers, drovers, artists and guests for a discussion around the social, environment and cultural importance of the TSR ecology today. How can creative community partnerships occur? What role can artists play in shaping our environmental and cultural landscapes? What can you do?